Cherry Blossom Weekend.

So today I stayed home, because I didn't feel very well when I woke up. This must have been because of my crazy, but awesome weekend. Friday me and the 7ups jumped on our buss torwards D.C. When we arrived we ate lunch, had a reharsal and then headed to our Mariott hotel. Our alarm woke us up at 4 am on Saturday. After putting our dresses and make up on, we ate breakfast on the buss and went to the area where the parade were gonna take place later. We went through all of our songs with all the other dancers and preformers. It was kind of cold in the beginning, before the sun had gone up, but it got better after a wile. The parade was so much fun. We danced to three different songs. First, "Cherry Blossom Day", in the opening number. Then "ABC" by Jackson 5 and a song called "Turn the beat" in the closing number. It was so fun!!

After the parade on Saturday the buss drove us back to school, and from there we all went home. I was so happy with the trip, I had such a good time. So when I got home I took a shower, and later Mette showed up. We had a sleepover and then when we woke up on Sunday, we went to her and her boyfriends rugbygame. I had a blast.


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