A glims.

Mitt intresse för mode växer för varje dag. Det är vårt gemensama sätt att utrycka oss. Men hur vi väljer att utrycka oss genom modet är olika och är vad som gör det intressant. En del av vår personlighet visas alltid genom våra klädval. Med andra ord, uttryck dig genom rätt klädval. Var inte rädd, låt fantasin flöda och var dig själv.
My passion for fashion is growing it self bigger for everyday that passes by. It is a way to express ourselfes that we all share. It is our personality that determains what we wear, and how we choose to express ourselfes. This makes it interesting and I therefor something I encourage everyone to exploir. Don't be afraid, just be yourself and let your imagination help you. 

From start till now.

Hej på er!
Som ni har märkt så skriver jag min blogg mestadelens på engelska under detta året. Varför? Två enkla anledningar. Först, för att mina vänner i america skall kunna läsa bloggen, och för det andra för att jag vill försöka hålla mitt språk till engelska så mycket jag kan. Det är ju trots allt för engelskan som jag åkte i första taget. Men nu kände jag att jag behövde en liten svensk samanfattning här, för er som inte riktigt har följt med på vad som hänt under mitt år hitills. 
Jag lämnade sverige den 17 Augusti och flyttade in hos en familj som bodde nära Philadelpia. Jag gick i skolan där och började i volleyboll laget. Jag hade en jättebra tid. Men tyvärr så fungerade inte jag och min familj så bra, så jag var tvungen att byta. Så veckan innan thanksgiving så fick jag ett telefonsamtal från min organisation som sa att de hade en ny familj jag kunde flytta in med. Så jag var tvungen att säga ett sorgset adjö till mina vänner i skolan och tre dagar senare flyttade jag. Många tårar och kramar. 
Min nya familj bor lite längre ifrån Philadelphia och lite mer ut på landet. Men så fort jag bott med familjen i ca 2 dagar så visste jag att jag var rätt. De välkomnade mig med öppna armar och helt plötsligt kunde jag andas igen. Men detta innebar också en ny skola. Det kändes till en början lite jobbigt men när första dagen kom, kännde jag mig mer taggad än nervös. Första helgen därpå hade jag en sleepover med några vänner från skolan och sedan dess har allt flutit på underbart. 

Så med en liten jobbig start på året, har jag nu en större uppskattning för vad jag har nu. Det var ett wake up call som jag behövde och en situation jag aldrig förr har behövt hantera. Men nu i efterhand är jag tacksam för det, och kan lämna det bakom mig med motivation att fortsätta framåt. 
Love you all!
Från er Nina i Usa

To the mountains.

Now we are off to the poconos mountains for the weekend. Gonna be so cozy! Peace!

Les Miserables.

Last night I went over to sarah's house to hang out a little, and later bree came and picked me up and we went to the movies to se Les Miserables. We met up with eliott, rayne and ben at the movie theather and we were all very excited to see the movie. And it was beautiful. Really beautiful and well made. So if you like musicals, this is the movie for you. 

Going out.

We are going out to get a coffee now. The plans for today is not set yet, so we'll see!

Merry Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Today I woke up to a winterwonderland and some christmasmusic playing. Soon I'm going down to open the stocking plus the other gifts. I'm as excited as a child! Haha

Christmas eve.

It's now the eve of christmas eve and we are going to a neighbor for a christmasparty. I skyped with my family in sweden today and it felt so good to see them all. My christmasspirit is now on top - and you know what? It just started snowing! Woho! Looks like we are going to have a white christmas after all...

December 23th.

Hey! Today it's the 23 of december, which means one day to go, in swedish traditions, and two here in america. After a good breakfast together this morning, we went to church. And sense then, I have been wrapping presents.  It's kind of fun I must admit. Later today we are going to King of prussia to get our last christmas presents. It will be so crowded, But fun! 

Out with friends.

Hey yo whatsup? 
Haha, I just came home from a friends night. We had a fun time. First we went out  for a little bit, driving around. Then we went back and had a chill talk-night, with pizza. It is really fun and I meet a few new girls. They were all so nice. So happy right nooow - and soon it's christmas! Woho!
Haha, a christmasgift I got from my friend this week. A Victoria Secret dog - so sweet!

We both know.

Back home.

Now im back home from a great night at Sarah's house. It was so much fun, and guess what? I MADE IT IN TO THE MUSICAL. I'm one of 4 birdgirls in the musical The Seussical. Really excited. Tomorrow we will hopefully do some christmasshopping and meet with some awsome friends at night. Kisses!

Christmas break!

Wiho! Now it is officialy christmas break. I'm sitting and waiting for the musical results now. Waah! Kind of nervous! But I'm really excited about tonight though. So the day will be good no matter what!


Last schoolday.

woopwoop! We made it. Today is the last day before break. Feels amazing! We also find out about musical desicions today, feels a little bitt nervracking. And tonight I'm going over to sarahs for a little christmasparty. Well be so fuun! Pictures from yesterday and tonight will come. PEACE

Christmas Concert.

Heey guys! Off to our christmas consert. Will be so much fun! Tomorrow is the last day before the break, so this will be an awsome ending of the first semester (almost the end of the first semester at least..)!

Yesterday twins.

Streets of Philadelphia.

Hey, as you guys may have guessed, I live close to philly. It is a really nice city with a lot of history and activities. I have taken so much pictures when I have been there, but everytime I have forgotten to upload them. So here we go!
Librety bell.
Where the decleration of independence was signed.
A copy of the Decleration of Independence.
Americas first post office.
The house that once belonged to Betsy Ross - the women that created americas first flag.
Benjamin Franklins gravestone.
In Macy's looking at their christmas light show.
This was all pictures from my last visit. It's a great city!

Saturday night.

Had a cozy sleepover with some of the girls saturday night. Lot of talk, ice cream, movies etc. An awsome night!

Monday Morning.

Greeeeeat day today. I was a little bit tired of course, but say a monday when I'm not? Especially not after two nights of sleepovers. 
But anyway, I might go to my friends basketball game tonight, it depends if my friend can come and pick me up or not. Keeping my fingers crossed, 'cause I really wanna go to this game. Sense I came home around 3 I've been sitting with some homework for my English class. I have a lot to write and read in that class but it works. 

Tomorrow will be a pretty calm day I think, but I'm excited!
Talk to u later, xx

Thing 1

Now I'm home again, after an awsome girls night. We talked talked talked, ate some ben and Jerry and watched some movies. It was a lot of fun!

What is left of this Sunday I have to spend on homework, kisses!
Pictures from friday night,

Great Friday.

I had a wonderful night last night. Me Sarah and Maddie went to Panera bread and had dinner. It was really good. Then we went to the mall, found some unexpected christmasgifts and some other stuff. We walked by a man who did customised shirts so we decided to buy "Thing 1, thing 2 & Thing 3" shirts. We love them! Haha!
Then we meet up with Moritz and his friend. The rest of the night we spend talking, taking pictures etc. It was so much fun. I haven't laughed that much in forever. I loved it! Today when we woke up I went home and had to sit down with my english homework. But now I'm done so I think I will watch the new episode of glee before I start planning tonight. Kisses!

Washington D.C.

As I said, the day in Washington was great. Here is some pictures from the day. We went to the Capitol, the libary of Congress, a bunch of museums, georgstown, the whitehouse etc.
The central spot of Washington D.C.
The Libary of Congress.
The white house.

Guess city?

Men in suites and a big white house behind them? Can it be? Oh yes, Washington D.C. I was there yesterday and had a blast. I will upload pictures later tonight, because now im going to the grosery store and the post office. Peace!

Got my hair done.

Yesteday I finaly got my hair done. I got some highlights, layers and trimmed it. I feel like a new person!

Bonfire & sleepover.

Friday night we had a bon fire at gunsons house. It was so much fun. We ended up spending more time inside in his basement then around the fire though, but that was ok, 'cause it was really cold outside! But I ate my first smore though! It was really good! It is like grilled marsmellows, crackers and chocolate! I mean, it sounds nice doesn't it? 

After this me and Katherine went to Megans house, had a sleepover and we watched the unwelcomed or something like that..it was so creepy! Haha! 
A really nice eavning! 

First week of new school.

This was my first week in my new school. It was great! I totaly love it. The peple is so nice and friendly and I'm starting to adapt to the school. One problem I have though, is that the school is SO big. I'm like a lost puppy between the lessons and have to ask people in the hallway to find my way. Haha! 

In about an half an hour my friend is picking me up and we are going to a friends house to have a bon fire. I have tons of layers of clothes now, 'cause i'm afraid it will be very cold. After the bon fire me Katherin and Megan are going home to Megans house for a sleepover. Cozycozy! Talk to you guys tomorrow, and then hopefully with some pictures from the night!