Philadelphia University.

Yesterday, me Rachel and Leah went to Rachels college because they had like a "family day" there. It was almost the first time I ever been to a college, so I was really exited. We started it off by looking at a volleyboll game with the schools team. It was a really nice game! After that we went around campus, and ended up watching a soccer game. There were a lot of people everywhere, music in the background, different stands where you could buy food, red cups everywhere etc. It was really an awsome feeling in the air. I got so inspired and really want to go college now. Woho!


Just got home after our away game against acadamy park. We lost, but omg, the bussride was the funniest! Have not been laughing so much in a long time! We had a "tork" (no idea how it spells, but a sort of dance) compition. Hilarious! 
Anyway, now it's friday, woho! Hopefully we will go downtown to philly tomorrow and celebrate a friends birthday! Will be awsome!


I have been working on my summerreading projects today. They are due tomorrow, so it feelt so good to finaly be done. I read a book called "face value". It is about the different sides of the model industry. It was really good! So glad I read it!

New In.

Here is some pictures of some shopping I've done since I've got here. A Christal bra, Phillis top, Black top from urban outfitters, Golden neckles.


So, a couple of days ago, me my sisters and my hostmom went to Ikea in Philly. It felt like coming home again....Haha, maybe not. But it felt like a piece of sweden so that was a nice visit. I love to visit Ikea in sweden aswell. I always walk in to all the rooms they have builed up and pretend like I live there. It's awsome!

Ukrainian dance.

My hostfamily here is partly Ukrainien. So last weekend we went to a Ukrainien dance show. It was really cool. There was a group of dancers, singers and musicions that showed the ukrainien culture through movements and music. They were really talanted.

New York, New York.

Here is some more photos from my staying in New York. Wow, all the pictures brings back the memories..! It was wonderful! Miss everyone so much!The friends fountain!
On the train to Grand Central Station.
Bryant park.

My loved Volleyboll team.

Short day.

Did not feel so good today, so it ended up with a short schoolday and the rest in the couch at home. I'm starting to feel better now though. Tomorrow it's friday, start of the weekend. Feels really nice. I am in DESPERATE need of new cloths, so I hope shopping is on the schedule. 


Hey! Today me, leah and some friends went to the movies to see finding nemo in 3D. Haha! The result was a really fun day! 


Hello everyone. I just got home from the hardes practis so far. Good god I'm exausted now. Our coaches where a bit angry with us for playing a bad game on wednesday, so we had to make up for that. We have a homegame tomorrow again. I'm as exited as i use to be. I am really going to miss the volleyboll when the season is over.
Today has been a great day over all. I'm trying to change my last period on my scheduel to yearbook. So tomorrow morning I will find out if it's possible or not. So I'm hoping to be able to say good bye to chemisty tomorrow...(!)
After our practise we swung by Wawa and got some food. Wawa is like 7 Eleven. A place with fast food, ice cream and sandwiches (etc). We are very faithful costumors.


Autum is coming closer so get inspired of what this autum have to offer.

Wonderful day.

 Today has been a great day. We had our first away game, and the buss on the way to the game was hilarious. We lost both games unfortunatly, but whatever! We got the team spirit!
Now im going to bed, so i will try to put some pictures up soon!

Orientation meeting.

Yesterday after school, we had our third volleyboll game. Unfortunatly, i could not participate because I had an important meeting to attend. The orientation meeting with my local cordinator and other exchange students. My hostfather was kind and drove me to her house on Friday afternoon. The meeting wasn't until Saturday, so on Friday night we had a slummerparty. Woho! 
Today we started the meeting at 9 o'clock and we were done around 5 pm. It was a really nice day, and I have meet a group of nice exchangestudents that live close to me now. Awsome!

My new phone.

First day of school.

Today is the day with the capital D. First day of school. First day in high school(!). I'm freaking out at the same time that I'm so exited. My first period is Homeroom, then chorus, spanish, lunch, english, amarican history and at last chemistry. We get of school at 2 pm-isch, but the volleyboll practis starts right after so we won't be home until 5 pm (isch). Talk to you guys later, wish me good luck!


Hey! In a couple of minutes, we are heading to at&n to buy me a new phone that i will use during my staying here. Really exited!

New York City.

Detta är ett litet urval av de nästan 1000 bilder jag tog under min vecka i NY. Staden är fantastisk, så är det bara. Jag skall dit igen, och den gången med en husnyckel i fickan.

A Cold.

Hello people. I have unfortunatly gotten a cold after new york. So here I am in my jammies, eating ben & Jerry and feeling sorry for myself. No, but the plans for today was to drive to New Jersey and spend the day on the beach, because it is labour weekend now. But if I want to be back to normal on tuseday, the first day of school, I better take it easy now. So, today I will stay at home and just relax. 
Yesterday was my first Volleyboll game. I didn't play because of the cold but it was fun to watch. Unfortunatly we lost both games, Varsity and JV. But it was fun anyway. 
At the evening me Leah and Rachel went to the movies. It was really cool to experience a real amarican movie theater. We saw The Campaign. It was so funny! That acter Zac Galifinanakis is hillarious!