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I got so inspired yesterday when I came across these rings. Aren't they so cute? It will look adoreble to tanned fingers this summer.

Fashion show pictures.

It was such a fun night, gosh just want to rewind!
Pictures borrowed 

Fashion Show.

Just got home from a very good day and night. After school me Taylor and Sarah went "Birdgirl" shopping (costume for our musical characters). So we were looking for dresses everywhere but did unfortunatly not find much. We found one dress for sarah though which was perfect!
Then, later this evening around 7 pm, we went to the school to see the fashion show. It was so much fun! It is like an event the school has to raise money for like an after prom party. Or something like that. So a lot of my friends were modelling dresses, dancing and singing! It was so fun and I deffinetly shared it with the best people. I just love them all so much! KISSES!

4 day school-week.

This feels like a really fast week!
Tomorrow after school, me and my friends are going shopping, and later tomorrow evening we will go to the school's fashion show. Gonna be great!


So, we just had a longweekend, we were off friday and monday which gave us four wonderful days to enjoy. And  oboy did I have a good time! Around noon on friday me and my hostmom drove to Walmart, around 20 minutes away from us. That was the meetingplace for me and Josefine. Oh the butterflies were flying around like crazy in my stomach when I stood on the parkinglot and waited for her. The exitment was unbearable. When I finally saw her blond hair flying in the wind and our eyes meet we immediately started running towards each other in one of the aisles in the parkinglot. It was like a slow-motion clip from a movie. As soon as we hugged each other we both started bawling our eyes out. It was such an incredible feeling to meet her. I finally got to meet someone that always been like a sister to me. Someone who knows me from the inside out. It was like a piece of me finally came back after being missing for a very long time. 

Wile we were trying to understand that this unreal situation actually were happening we drove towards the poconos to our mountain house. We stopped in Wawa on the way up and had a great lunch (gotta love wawa..). Then we spent the rest of the weekend up there. We got our nails done, took long walks with the dog, ate chinese food, ate indian food, played games, watched movies, and talked talked and talked..! It was the best weekend ever just because I got to share it with my favourite person.

On Sunday afternoon we drove back home and went and got our hairs done. On monday we started the day by making a whole lot of Swedish panncakes. After that we bought me a new foundation and then we went to the movies and saw "Identity theif". A really good movie!

The weekend get's 5 AV 5 TOASTERS!


Got a haircut this weekend. I havn't had any time to write but I will as soon as I get home this afternoon. Bye for now!


New York, New York

Can't help but to let my thoughts slip back to my wonderful week in New York this summer with all my wonderful friends. Gosh, memories for life.

Love to you all.

I got this collage from my very best friend Anna before I left Sweden. It is wierd how big impackt pictures have on you when you are away like this for such a long time. It means the world! I can't believe I will be able to meet my wonderful friends in sweden in soon 4 months. It will be a very sad and very happy day the day I'm leaving america. For the moment I can't even picture me leaving everything and everyone I love here in America, but I can't wait till I meet all my loved once in sweden also! All I can say is, Love you all! 

Last friday night.

Last night I had a great time with some of my friends. Today I've been helping some to clean up the house, done some homework and soon me and my hostmom are going out to run som errands. Talk to you later, kisses.

District choir part 2.

So now I'm off to school for another day working with the district choir. Gonna be so fun!

District Choir.

So, District choir is held at our school this year. Which means a lot of work. Today we started the day with gathering for breakfast in school. It was like a breakfast preformence by our school's district students for the school board and some of us friends. It was really nice. After that I went back to my ordinary classes, had my second half of my midterm in math etc. After school I went down to the main entrence to welcome district choir students from other schools that, by then were arriving in a fast pace. We were a bunch of helpers there and we were all devided into different sections. Me and Michelle had the bass 1 groups. It was so much fun. I meet so many nice people. A great day!

Wednesday night out.

As I said yesterday, me and Emma went and got our nails done etc. Here is some pictures.


In my Englishclass we are now reading the prequel to the novel "Jane Eyre". I just started so I don't know much about it yet, but hopefully it's ok. At the same time we are working on our research paper. The theme is "a career we want to pursue" so it is an interesting subject. There is a lot of work though. The final draft shall be 6-8 pages with at least 6 sources etc etc. So, hard workwork in my English class..

Super Bowl.

Sunday night was the super bowl and Zach had a little garthering. It was so much fun. Unfortunatly everyone couldn't come but we were a great group of people who made it. It was the first time I watched the super bowl and I couldn't have done it with better company. They also showed me "Puppy bowl" which is a super bowl game, but played by dogs. So cute! When me and Sarah drove home that night the snow was falling down. It was so pretty. A perfect end for the weekend. 

Getting my nails done.

Any minute now Emma is picking me up and we are going out to fix our nails. Yey! It is definetly necissary now. We also might go to chick-fil-a after. I have heard that it is so good food there, so I guess I have to try!

Job offer at Hollister/Abercrombie & Fitch.

Yesterday a guys came up and offered me a job at Hollister. To bad I'm not allowed to work here..
Now I'm off to the super bowl party. Wiiiho!

Crazy busy (& great) weekend.

So friday I went to Rayne's place with Sarah and Maddie. Gosh I love them so, we always have a great time! We tried to bake nutella mugcakes, but we missed some ingredients so the result did not turn out to what we were expecting. Haha but it tasted good anyway. We started watching skeleton key also, but we all fell asleep half through the movie anyway. 
The morning after we woke up at 8 am and got ready for our musical practise. So we went to have breakfast at the ridge first and the to school for a couple of hours of practise. It was so much fun!!
When our practise was over I hurried home, jumped in to the shower and then went to Exton mall to meet Mette. Me and Mette took the same flight from Chicago to Philadelphia when we first came here and we haven't seen each other since. So I was so excited and it was so fun to meet her again. We went home to her hostfamily, and it was really nice to meet them all also. We spend rest of the night with her friends and boyfriend. Fun!

Now I'm soon heading out to a super bowl party at my friends house. Excited!