New Semester.

It's been a beautiful day. Haha! Yesterday was quite a mess, with a lot of drama in musical etc. It will be better tonight on practise hopefully though!
I just started a new semester( this tuesday) so I've got some changes in my schuedule. Now I have a different location for study hall three times a week and photagraphy instead of Ceramics. I'm excited about that, it is going to be a lot of fun!

So today, the guidence office finally had time to see me because I had some questions that I needed to be answered.  So tomorrow I will (finally) get a locker. Yey! I also got a copy of my schuedule. Or what I thought was my schedual but it turned out to be someone elses, so I have to go back tomorrow again...! Yeahyeah, everyone makes misstakes. I also had an in-class essay in my English class and a math quiz today. Two periods in a row. But I think I did ok on both of them. 
Now I just got out of the shower after half an hour on the elyptical, and it is now time to do some homework. Tonight it is reharsal as usuall. I really hope our director is in a good mood...

Shirt inspo.

Memories with my very missed friends.



Sunday Inspo.

I didn't feel so well yesteday/this morning so i had to cancel my ski plans with my friends. That was really a bummer. But now I feel better. I'm on the couch watching Downtown abby. I have never seen the show before, but I must say the cloths and enviroments are really inspiring. Love love love.

District Orchestra.

Two weeks ago today, my hostbrother had a preformance in his district orchestra group. It was amazing. Today we are going to another of his concerts, but this time it's district band. I'm really excited! Here is a picture from last time.

In love.


The German and the Swede.

Louise was here all weekend long and we had such a great time. Miss her already!!

New In.

Here is to of my favourite objects right now. Nude nailpolish and triangle formed earings. I also love the element of green in the earrings which really make them stand out. 


So, I just came home after being at a friends house for a game night. We played monopoly, ate pizza with fries (and ketchup??), had a mini-celebration for a friends birthdat etc. So we had a great time! 
Now I'm very tired though, so talk to u guys tomorrow!
I didn't take any pictures tonight, so here is one from a great day this summer. Unforgettable!

5 months anniversary.

Today I have been in America for 5 months. Half my high school year is gone by. I can't believe it. I enjoy it so much that it feels so sad that it soon will be over. But, I'm not gonna feel sad, now it is time to enjoy the time instead.

At Jack frost.

Off to practise.

Hey ho!
Had a great day today and now I'm off to musical practis for a couple of hours. Tomorrow is thursday and I'm so excited that the weekend is coming up because then I will meet louise!! WAH! Talk to u later!
A picture from this morning.


Aw! Looking through pictures on my phone - look to my cute cat. Aw, miss him so!!

Going skiing!

My friends will pick me up in just a little bit and we will drive for approximetly 2 hours before we arrive at a skiplace. I'm so excited though! It's gonna be a great day!
I made the hat myself. What do you think?

Wrestling match.

So last night, friday, I got picked up by Emily around 6.30 pm and we went to the school. It was pouring outside and unfortunatly the parkingspots by the mainentrence were all taken, so we had to park on the other side of school and run through the rain. Haha! So we were a little wet when we arrived, but that was fine. There was a lot of people there and we were lucky to get some spots in the bleachers. After a wile more of our friends showed up and we had a great time. It was my first time ever seeing a wrestling game, but apparently our school has a really good wreastling team so we won. Woho! After that we all went back to Emilys and had a chill girlsnight. To sum it up, it was a great friday!

DIY - Earings.

So the other day i got a great idea. To make buttons into earings. Here is a guide how I did it:
1. Find a pair of buttons you really like.
2. Cut of the halfcirkles on the back of the buttons with a sharp advice. Use a nailfile to smooth it out if necessary.
3. Then glue on the part that will go through your earpiercing. 
3. Let dry and wallah, you got yourselfe a pair of new earings!

Thursday dinner out.

Hey! Just got back from a great evening at Brick Side. My friend picked me up around 7 today after musical reharsal and we went there to meet the rest of the people. I had such a great time, and I ate the greatest nachos ever. They were homemade! Delicious! The downside by going out to dinner on a thursday night though, is that it feels tougher then usual to set the alarm till tomorrow...
Went to a craftstore last week and bought this golden chain that I made in to a neckles. It was a part of my outfit today and I must say I love it! 

Student of the month.

Hey! So, yesterday something funny happened. Me and my friends were joking around in advisory about that we were gonna be picked as student of the month, 'cause for some reason internet didn't work in our classroom so we couldn't found out who had won. Anyway, when I walked in to my 2 period class all of a sudden people started congratulating me. I was like what is going on? And then I found out. I got picked student of the month for the English department. So unexpected and funny! So I went to the office and they gave us all prices in form of T-shirt, a certificet, a pin and a free lunch. That was a surprise...!

Back to school.

Home from practis. So in other words, I went to school today. It turned out to be a really good day. The musical reharsal was deffenetly the highlight of the day. We got to try on our dresses (which unfortunatly does not match my expectations), I learned new choreography etc. I just finished the last of my homework which means dinnertime. I'm so hungry! Talk to you later!

Wants from Forever 21.

Forever 21.
Forever 21. by ninahhs featuring forever 21

Go Fluffy.

I guess nobody have missed the big fur trend that is around right now. I can't help it, I just love the element of fur in an outfit (Faux fur of course). I really hope I had brought my fur jacket from last year with me here. That would have been perfect. 

Longwood Gardens.

Around christmastime we went to Longwood Garden, which is an amazing place. So many beautiful lights outside, and amazing seneries inside. See for yourselfes.

Got my fingers crossed.

Have gotten a really bad cold and I'm laying here praying for it to be gone by tomorrow morning. I can't miss another reharsal. I can't!

New Years Eve.

Had the most amazing New Years eve with my two friends Maddie and Rayne. I think the pictures speak for themselves..
We ordered buffalo chicken cheessteak, which is a famous Philly thing. Looks disgusting, tast delicious.
Then when the year had shifted we went out making noise in the neighborhood..
And of course, we watched the ball drop

Beautiful Saturday.

Going out to do some errands. Still have a sour throat so it will be a night at home today aswell. 



First musical practice.

Last night from 6 to 8.30 was our first musical practise. So much fun. We started of by learning the music to one of the songs, and then went over to learn the choreography. We have practis today again after school, looking forward to it! 
Pictures by Mike Styer

Take chances and challenge your fears.


Better late then never.

Hey! I have been quite bad to upload pictures on my blog during the holidays but now I finally have all the pictures on my computer. So here is some pictures from the holiday. 
When we decorated our  christmas tree!
Here is some pictures from our christmas consert before break. So much fun!
Last minute food shopping for christmas!
Snow on Christmas eve
Up in there mountain house!

Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve.