Key West.

Chiiillliiiin in key west! Love it here.


Off to my second grad party for the day and then futher on to a bonfire at sarah's. We gonna make some smores bro

Amazing week.

This week have been simply amazing. It started of with monday at the beach in Jersey. Then tueday started with senior breakfast, followed by yearbook distribution. Wednesday started with a reharsal for graduation in the auditorium in case of bad weather. We got our caps and gowns and it was such a great time. We also took the senior class picture that day in the stadium. Thursday we were told to get dressed in our white graduation dresses and bring our caps and gowns with us. We all gatherd up in the gym and took a bunch of pictures. Then we walked over to the auditorium where the senior awards ceremoni was held. It was quite fun. Afterwards they gave us snacks in the LGI. It was such a good time. By then, it was around 10.30 and pretty much every parent signed out their students so they could leave if they wanted to. Which we did. We went for lunch and then over to Rita's for dessert. Sarah and I later hung out and decided to jump into the hot tub even though it was raining pretty heavy. It was such a great day. Today friday was the only day we did not have any special senior activities. I took my english final, but other then that, the day was just like any other. Around 4 me and Sarah decided to go to the movies and see "now you see me" which started at 4.30... So there we were, rushing to the theater, and even though we walk in 15 minutes late to the theather, it is just in time for the movie to start. It was so perfect. I liked the movie alot. It was a little confusing, but reallt cool. And now I'm home. I was gonna go sleepover at Rayne's, but some things might have come up in the way. But it's only 8.03 now, so the night is still young. We just have to wait and see what happens.
Tomorrow I'm starting my day off packing. Not that fun, but it has to be done. Then around 2 me and Maddie are going to Nicole's graduation party which I am so hyped for. Later tomorrow we will hopefully have a bonfire at Maddie's to. Gosh, it is going to be a perfect weekend.
And you know what? It is, today, exacly 5 days till my loving family arrives in the states. I can not believe it. Life is to good to be true sometimes. 

New Shoes.

Jams now.

A little party have not killed nobody
I don't care, I love i - Icona Pop No Church in the Wild - Jay Z Started from the Bottom - Drake Demons - Imagen Dragons Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

On the go.

I had suuuuuuuuuuuch an AMAZING day yesterday in Atlantic City with my girls. Pictures will come up later. But today is also gonna be a great day. 
Morning: Senior breakfast plus getting out yearbooks
Lunch: Choir Banquet, celebrating seniors
Afternoon: Math final (...) then skype with parents