King of Prussia.

So yesterday I spend another day in a mall. This time with Maddie and Rayne. We looked for promdresses and we found one for both. We had a great time!

Mette and me.

Awesome day out with Mette yesterday. We went shopping and finished our shopping spree with five guys, because none of us had tried that before. I got two pairs of shorts, a top etc. An awesome day with my norweigan BF!

Spring Inspiration.

Spring break.

Today we got springbreak. Happy as I can be. It was really needed now. I just got home after a night out with my friends. We went to Chipotle and Kiwi Yogurt. So good but I'm so full right now, don't know if I will be able to eat for another 24 hours... A great start of Spring break! Love!

Math math math

So tonight is the Cast party, I'm really excited! But before all fun, I've got to do what I've got to do. So here I am, doing my math homework on a saturday. Sad but true. 

Pictures from the Musical "Seussical"

Tired chick.

I know I still have not posted pictures from the crazy but amazing weekend last week. I'm gonna try to do so tomorrow though. Now I'm on my way to bed after a good day. I took a powernap when I came home and sleept until 7.30. Whops, I must have been pretty tired...
Talk to you guys later! xx

Most Wanted.

I have been searching for a top like this for quite a wile now, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I love the fact that it is high cut around the neck and short over the stomach. It will be perfect for casual/dressed up days in the summer. Anyone who know where I can find one?

First day of spring.

America have a set day of when the winter turn to spring, and to day is that official day of spring. The sun were out today, but rumors about snow tomorrow is going around, so you never know. 
Anyway I had a great day. I had a pop quiz in English which went good and a oral german exam. I was quite nervous for that but did an ok job I think. 
Now I'm going to bed so I will talk to you guys tomorrow!
Hugs and Kisses!

End of a chapter.

Today was the first day without musical practise since January. It feel so empty. For once it was a good thing that I had a lot of homework so I could fill out the emptyness a bit. But I kind of need a break to. The musical experience was such an amazing experience though and is something I will always remember. I love the cast with all my heart and I can't believe how I have lived my whole life without these people in my life. They are the best.

Right now it is snowing outside again. I'm so over winter now and can't help myself but to look for summercloths online. Next week spring break is coming up, and after that hopefully spring is coming. Let's keep our fingers crossed for an early spring this year!
Love, your Nina

One down, three to go.

I just came home from our first show. It was so much fun and my friend came and watched it, which really made me happy. Right now my feet, my face, and everything is hurting. So now I just have to wash all this stagemakeup off my face and go to bed. Talk to u tomorrow babes!

Shady Maple.

So, last weekend we had practise everyday. So we decided to start our saturday by first going to Shady Maple, which is a smorgasbord that has everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything! It was crazy! We went back for more food 3-4 times! SO GOOD!
The landscape on the way there was really nice. 
At shady Maple. 

And in the giftshop.

A sense of spring.


So today is the day with a capital D. Our first show is tonight. AHYEAH! I'm so excited and can't wait! I just have to get through my schoolday first with two tests...


8 hours of practise.

Today was a great day! Today and tomorrow are/was both halfdays which means we do half the periods of a day today, and the rest tomorrow. So today was an extreamly chill day with a studyhall, german, photagraphy and choir. School was over at 10.50. 12 o'clock musical practise started were then going on until 8 pm. A lot of changes are happening, but now the show is really coming together - AND IT FEELS GREAT! I love the cast so much!


Mette came over tonight to hang out, and we ordered some chinese food and just talked because we had some catching up to do. I love her, so it was great we got to see each other again so soon.
Tomorrow it's monday again, but I don't really mind. It's gonna be a fun week!

Made the manager cry.

So came home from a great practise. The drama is hopefully come to an end now and we are all ready to start over on good terms. Tomorrow is our tour to elementeryschools in the area and on saturday we have our character breakfast at the middleschool. Gonna be so fun. I will fill you in with more details during the weekend.

After the practise today we went to Rita's for some waterice. It was supernice. As we were sitting there we started singing 4 part harmony on one of our choirsongs and made the manager cry. He quote: "You guys made my day, my week!" Haha, it was so much fun and I just love them all truly. Now I got to do my homework. Love