Student of the month.

Hey! So, yesterday something funny happened. Me and my friends were joking around in advisory about that we were gonna be picked as student of the month, 'cause for some reason internet didn't work in our classroom so we couldn't found out who had won. Anyway, when I walked in to my 2 period class all of a sudden people started congratulating me. I was like what is going on? And then I found out. I got picked student of the month for the English department. So unexpected and funny! So I went to the office and they gave us all prices in form of T-shirt, a certificet, a pin and a free lunch. That was a surprise...!

Postat av: Simon Petersson

Grymt juu! Grattis Nina ! :)

2013-01-10 @ 23:30:23
Postat av: Josefine Svensson Franzén

Har redan sagt det, men GRATTIS! :D Det förtjänar du verkligen! :D Hoppas din helg blir grym, dock börjar jag bli sjuk nu... Usch!

2013-01-12 @ 02:43:13
Postat av: Mamma

Grattis älskling! Vad kul!!! Vi hurrar här hemma! Puss

2013-01-12 @ 10:43:30

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