Today have been such a great day. It started off with me and Leah being driven to school. Then the schoolday past pretty fast, with a lot of good moments. I really love my Choir group. It is hilarious every class! Next friday we are going downtown together to see this proffesional musical, for the amazing groupprice of only 10 dollars each. It is Chelsey, a girl in the group, that have given us this awsome oppertunity. But I will tell you guys more about that, when it gets closer. 

Anyway, after school we had a homegame against West town. We crushed them! Or as our motto is "Lets pinch them, squeeze them, and crusch them....In an athlethic way". Haha! It was my first game aswell so it felt awsome. And at the end they teached me the team dance aswell. I put the song + the dance futhur down so you can see. 
To celebrate this me Leah and Wasyl went to Cocoo's and ordered pizza. We had a great time. Now I'm home again, and all that is on the schuedul for the night is some homework and then sleep. 


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