Crazy busy (& great) weekend.

So friday I went to Rayne's place with Sarah and Maddie. Gosh I love them so, we always have a great time! We tried to bake nutella mugcakes, but we missed some ingredients so the result did not turn out to what we were expecting. Haha but it tasted good anyway. We started watching skeleton key also, but we all fell asleep half through the movie anyway. 
The morning after we woke up at 8 am and got ready for our musical practise. So we went to have breakfast at the ridge first and the to school for a couple of hours of practise. It was so much fun!!
When our practise was over I hurried home, jumped in to the shower and then went to Exton mall to meet Mette. Me and Mette took the same flight from Chicago to Philadelphia when we first came here and we haven't seen each other since. So I was so excited and it was so fun to meet her again. We went home to her hostfamily, and it was really nice to meet them all also. We spend rest of the night with her friends and boyfriend. Fun!

Now I'm soon heading out to a super bowl party at my friends house. Excited!

Postat av: Anonym

Snygg tröja! Jag ser på allt i bakgrunden att det är en hel del saker som skall med hem... vi bokar en fraktbåt! Puss :-)

2013-02-05 @ 21:11:27

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