So, we just had a longweekend, we were off friday and monday which gave us four wonderful days to enjoy. And  oboy did I have a good time! Around noon on friday me and my hostmom drove to Walmart, around 20 minutes away from us. That was the meetingplace for me and Josefine. Oh the butterflies were flying around like crazy in my stomach when I stood on the parkinglot and waited for her. The exitment was unbearable. When I finally saw her blond hair flying in the wind and our eyes meet we immediately started running towards each other in one of the aisles in the parkinglot. It was like a slow-motion clip from a movie. As soon as we hugged each other we both started bawling our eyes out. It was such an incredible feeling to meet her. I finally got to meet someone that always been like a sister to me. Someone who knows me from the inside out. It was like a piece of me finally came back after being missing for a very long time. 

Wile we were trying to understand that this unreal situation actually were happening we drove towards the poconos to our mountain house. We stopped in Wawa on the way up and had a great lunch (gotta love wawa..). Then we spent the rest of the weekend up there. We got our nails done, took long walks with the dog, ate chinese food, ate indian food, played games, watched movies, and talked talked and talked..! It was the best weekend ever just because I got to share it with my favourite person.

On Sunday afternoon we drove back home and went and got our hairs done. On monday we started the day by making a whole lot of Swedish panncakes. After that we bought me a new foundation and then we went to the movies and saw "Identity theif". A really good movie!

The weekend get's 5 AV 5 TOASTERS!

Postat av: Josefine Svensson Franzén

I had the best of times! Love you, hun! <3

Svar: same bby!! <3 :D miss u already!!!

2013-02-24 @ 04:53:52

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