New Semester.

It's been a beautiful day. Haha! Yesterday was quite a mess, with a lot of drama in musical etc. It will be better tonight on practise hopefully though!
I just started a new semester( this tuesday) so I've got some changes in my schuedule. Now I have a different location for study hall three times a week and photagraphy instead of Ceramics. I'm excited about that, it is going to be a lot of fun!

So today, the guidence office finally had time to see me because I had some questions that I needed to be answered.  So tomorrow I will (finally) get a locker. Yey! I also got a copy of my schuedule. Or what I thought was my schedual but it turned out to be someone elses, so I have to go back tomorrow again...! Yeahyeah, everyone makes misstakes. I also had an in-class essay in my English class and a math quiz today. Two periods in a row. But I think I did ok on both of them. 
Now I just got out of the shower after half an hour on the elyptical, and it is now time to do some homework. Tonight it is reharsal as usuall. I really hope our director is in a good mood...


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