8 hours of practise.

Today was a great day! Today and tomorrow are/was both halfdays which means we do half the periods of a day today, and the rest tomorrow. So today was an extreamly chill day with a studyhall, german, photagraphy and choir. School was over at 10.50. 12 o'clock musical practise started were then going on until 8 pm. A lot of changes are happening, but now the show is really coming together - AND IT FEELS GREAT! I love the cast so much!

Postat av: Anonym

vore roligt om du la upp mer bilder från usa. Som på skolan, vad du göra, hur det ser ut, dina vänner, maten mm. Vore roligt att se mer bilder från usa. Annars tycker jag din blogg e jätte bra. kram

2013-03-10 @ 17:57:09

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