Today we turn to page 365 of 365. It is the last day of what has been a wonderful year. Today I find myself greatful to have gone through all the experiences that I have this year, both good and bad. I have managed to get three jobs, to successfully complete an UN rollplay and to preform in the school musical. I have also experienced an exchange with india, a visit from my loving american hostfamily in Sweden and a reunion with my missed American friends. Although, I have also experienced trying times- In school as well as in life in the bigger picture. With everyday that passes I am getting closer to the day where I have to make the decition about what I want my life to look like after high school. The possibilities are truly infinite, but I hope to have made my decition ahead of time so that I will know what direction to turn to after I have thrown up my graduation hat in the air. 
I know that what is coming will be the best year yet experienced in my life and I just can't wait to start working for my goals!
I wish you all a Wonderful New Years eve and a Great first of January 2015.


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